A twenty-year resident of the Jersey Shore, Denise Cahill’s favorite mediums are oils, watercolors and acrylics. Inspired by nature, she often spends time in her gardens sketching and painting. Her favorites are painting her children in a natural setting. “My artwork is a misty reflection of Our Creator’s handiwork.” Humbled by God’s incredible designs, she is in awe of the beauty and complexity of life.

Denise has participated in Christian Brothers Academy art shows for five years. She is a member of the Manasquan River Group of Artists, and does various shows with the group. She has a Degree in Art Education and Special Education and currently teaches private art lessons to children in her home. She has painted murals in the nursery at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Ocean Grove, and in private homes in the area. She also sells her work in Tumblety and Howell Art, Ocean Grove, Sea Holly Art Gallery, Brielle, and Café Artist in Spring Lake.

“My artwork is a misty reflection of Our Creator’s handiwork.”


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